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Rug Aroma
Rug Aroma, with Metazene odor neutralizer, is your 7 Day Industrial Strength Carpet and Room Freshener. Rub Aroma’s™ special particle size disappears into most carpets, continuing to freshen so no immediate vacuuming is required to ensure air fragrance. Apply lightly after vacuuming to freshen carpets and rooms for a full 7 days.
Easy to manage

No immediate vacuuming required for the week-long fresh air scent and carpet deodorizer.

Deodorize Carpet and Freshen Air Scent
Apply lightly after each vacuuming for long-lasting odor control.
Freshens other things

Effectively freshens trash cans and garbage areas, too!

Choose Fragrance Scents

Choose from Black Cherry™, Cinnamon Stick™, Kleen Aire™, Juicy Lemon™, Sliced Green Apple™, Spring Mint, Sunshine and Wildberry fragrances.

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