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Main Blurb: Zorb-It-All™ absorbs over 100 times its weight of water base spills, serving as an instant Acting Emergency Absorbent Gel odor neutralizer. Instantly gel deodorizes all human and animal bodily fluids, including blood, urine and vomit for air odor control. Zorb-It-All absorbs over 100 times its weight within 15-20 seconds!
Enjoy Flexibility

Zorb-It-All™ gel deodorizer works to control odor on hard surfaces and carpet

Eliminate Odor with a Fresh Scent

Zorb-It-All deodorizes with a fresh mint odor counteractant fragrance scent.

Easy to manage

Turns biohazards and unpleasant odors, including human and animal bodily fluids, into a sweepable, flushable “gel.”

Use in various environments

This gel deodorizer and odor control system is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, schools, and several other places.

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